What to do in patong beach

7 things to do in Patong Beach, Stay in Patong.

There are many tourist attractions in Patong Beach; here are some of the top attractions in Patong Beach in order of popularity.

1) Visit the vendors in the street market in Bangla Road in the evening.

2) Visit Karon Phuket Lifeboat Station in Karon Village to see the lifeboat, vehicles, and equipment.

3) The Patong Port, nearby Patong Beach

4) Visit Chalong Temple in Chalong City, nearby Patong Beach

5) Take a scenic drive to nearby Kata Beach

6) Take a boat ride to nearby Koh Phi Phi Island

7) Visit Butterfly Garden in Phuket Town, nearby Patong Beach

What to do when you are staying in Andatel Patong Phuket Hotel?

Walking around Patong Beach

If you want to explore the town, the best thing to do is to explore the beach. Walking around Patong Beach is always nice. It’s nothing like the beaches in Phuket, but it’s still enjoyable nonetheless.

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The next thing that you can do is to go fishing. You can stay on the beach and get food either delivered to you or purchase it on the street.

You can also go to the pier in the evening and enjoy the sunset. You’ll enjoy the view of the wonderful sunset and then you can turn around and watch the beautiful lights in the buildings and hotels. The Pier in Patong beach is also a great place to just hang out and to enjoy the night in Patong Beach.

Mirage Patong Express Phuket Hotel is an affordable haven for your holiday stay. Situated in the middle of Patong Beach, this 3-star hotel is the perfect escape from the bustling tourist hub. It’s so close to the beach- you can see it from your window! You can walk to all the major attraction or pick up a tuk tuk right outside your hotel. Along the way, you’ll need to stop to check out the lively night market!

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